How Optariston is born

The name Optariston comes from the synthesis of the words "Optiké" and "Ariston" from the ancient Greek respectively Optical and Excellent. In fact, since its inception, this company has set itself the goal of offering its customers the best that the world of national and international optics has to offer. Thanks to this modern and innovative vision, in a short time Optariston has become the reference point for the solution of every visual problem for all Romans: actors, prelates, politicians, entrepreneurs and ordinary people.

Optariston has been able to evolve over the course of its over sixty years of history to keep up with the times, but at the same time it has retained its working philosophy, the one that has always inspired its founder Lamberto Labella and which can summarize in the motto: "There is no problem that we do not solve".

Solving problems and fulfilling customer requests with passion, commitment, availability and competence is our mission. Mission that we carry out with attention, listening skills and a constant orientation towards innovation because for over sixty years Optariston in Rome has been synonymous with avant-garde optics.

We have 6 Optariston centers located in Rome in:

Via Nazionale, 246 - Rome (Central Area)
Tel. 06 4821300

Via Ugo Ojetti, 45/47 - Rome (Talent Area)
Tel. 06 823518

- Viale G. Marconi, 132 - Rome (Marconi area)
Tel. 06 5583253

- Via della Vite, 6 - Rome (Historic Center Area)
Tel. 06 6789904

- Piazza Irnerio, 48 - Rome (Aurelio area)
Tel. 06 6620829

- Via di Donna Olimpia, 260 - Rome (Monteverde area)
Tel. 06 5349766